The Ultimate Cat Care Guide!

The Complete Cat Health Care Guide really is a complete compendium on cat care – and not just on the health of your cat, either. This useful owner's manual covers all aspects of cat ownership in real detail, from the more frivolous aspects (ten reasons why cats make fantastic pets, how to play with your cat, etc) to the absolutely essential (healthcare, nutrition, first aid, and so on).

Why Does Anyone Need a Book on Cats?

Cats take care of themselves, right? You can buy a cat and not really need to research how to look after it, how to care for it, and what healthcare problems and potential behavioral issues you'll need to look out for, right?

The answer (as all cat-lovers will already know) is, of course, definitely not!

Cat ownership entails a certain level of basic, non-negotiable responsibility. If you really want the best relationship that it's possible to have with your cat, it's worthwhile taking the time to find out what makes her tick. This means finding out how to keep her happy and healthy, how to supply her with adequate care and nutrition, how to help her adapt to your house (the house training secrets are a definite bonus!), How to prevent and deal with any behavioral problems that may eventate, and in general how to achieve and maintain the kind of rewarding and mutually affectionate relationship with your cat that we'd all like to have.

The Contents: A More Detailed Look

Happily, this handy guide supplies you with all the information listed above – but it does not stop there. The book takes a pleasantly proactive approach to the question of cat ownership: not only are practical how-to's supplied, but the team at Kingdom of Pets has anticipated any and all of the problems you might have with your cat – and have listed all the trouble-shooting advice you'll ever need to keep your relationship with your cat on an even keel.

The book's laid out pretty logically: essentially, the first half of the book is dedicated to cat-care basics and the more 'frivolous' aspects of ownership (choosing your cat, things to avoid in a potential kitten / cat, detailed breed information, the homecoming, playtime suggestions, necessary and recommended supplies and toys, etc); the latter half of the book is where you should look for the nitty-gritty essentials (essential nutrition information, welcome and unwelcome cat behavior explained, how to deal with feline behavioral problems, basic first aid, common illnesses, healthcare options, and caring for the senior cat.)

Information I Found Particularly Useful

Everyone knows the basics of cat ownership: try to get yourself a healthy cat, make sure you've got a litter box, feed it regularly, etc etc. But it's the details that seem to elude us – or me, certainly. How much are you meant to feed it? How are you actually meant to house train a cat? How should you react when your cat presents you with a gruesome, bloodied bird carcass? Why do cats destroy your furniture (and not the expensive carpet-post you bought) – and, more importantly, how can you stop them from doing this? How do you deal with aggression? How are you even mean to know which breed and individual cat is going to suit you the best?

The Complete Cat Health Care Guide has the answers to all these questions, and deals with the issues most pertinent to cat owners in a conversational yet informative style that's very user-friendly. There's no confusing terminology, no unclear or contradictory tips – nothing but relevant, helpful information, practical recommendations, and hands-on advice. It really is all covered!

The Best Parts

It's pretty reassuring, from a consumer's point of view, to be offered a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. Upon downloading this book, you get 60 whole days to read and trial the cat care information and strategies included in the volume – and if you're not fully satisfied, a guaranteed full refund is available. It's a refreshing show of confidence from the authors, and goes a long way towards assuaging any possible doubts that prospective buyers might have.

I'd definitely recommend this guide to anyone who's even considering buying a cat: the information contained within is absolutely indispensable, and will go a long way towards guaranteeing a happy, healthy relationship with your pet.

Source by Emi Bee

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